Regulator Tuning – Request for Metrics

At this time, we do not have good statistics for the speed and tension regulator responses used in web handling.

Today I am asking for help in compiling some metrics for how speed and tension regulators are tuned in the web handling industry. The purpose for this information is to publish it for the industry through an AIMCAL conference as well as other web handling forums.

For purposes of this study, I am not interested in your web product. It is important for the industry to know the design line speed and web width. My hypothesis is the web width and line speed will have very small impact on regulator response. Optionally, please provide short word description of the tension zone (ex. Cast roll, calendar, cooling roll, slitter, unwind, winder, or if you are shy, zone 1, 2, 3).

For both speed and tension (or dancer position) regulators, I am interested in the regulator response or Bandwidth (BW) in radians per second. That is one over the time constant (time to 63% of the final setpoint). I am also interested in the % overshoot and % undershoot.

To start the process, I will provide regulator responses for 10 tension zones I am familiar with. I defy you to determine the owner of the equipment listed in the chart. You may be able to guess the web product.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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